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  • Renée

Social Isolation- a pandemic in itself!

This is hard!  Where I live they announced that the schools will close and likely REMAIN closed until SEPTEMBER! Yes, that's at least 5.5 months. I have to admit that on the first day I had big plans.  My boys and I made a schedule and named our new school NBZ3GO (their initials are N, B, Z).  The first morning I woke up stressed.   I needed extra time to drink my coffee while one of my son's kept asking "When are we starting? We are late!.  We erased the times on the schedule and agreed to begin at 9:30AM.  We stuck to the "schedule" until 2:30 when I myself needed to respond to emails  and so it was TV time for them!  Do what you can do.  Many of us are not teachers.  We didn't ask for this.  Our kids want to play and learn too.  Try to figure out how you can add physical activity, games (work on building fine motor skills and visual perceptual skills- just think of all the activities they do in OT that I tell you about), and provide fun learning opportunities throughout the day.  For my family, writing/math was writing the times from the obstacle course race & completing a workbook, gym was lightsaber battles and nerf gun wars, recess was a mandatory break in the backyard followed by shovelling.  Tomorrow we've agreed that my oldest son Noah will lead the yoga session and  we will watch a National Geographic show (ok, they will while I write a report) and then the older kids will write about it and the younger one will draw.  The point I'm trying to make is that we all benefit from routines and schedules, however right now it's tricky to make them with so many unknowns. PACE yourselves. Find joy.

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